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Professional Development       


Each DKA chapter has a committee that provides learning opportunities and resources for fraternity members to grow as entertainment industry professionals, cinema-related entrepreneurs, to educate members on Professional Etiquette, and to generally be more prepared to enter “the film business” upon graduation. The committee provides Trade and Current Events Resources, Workshops and Seminars on Resumes/Reels, Professional Dress Code and Attire, Representation, Management, Guilds, Film Festivals, Unions, Commerce, Copyright, Entertainment Law, Buying/Selling rights, safety/labor laws, insurance, Industry Structure and Hierarchy, Permits, Independent Contracting, Distribution, Exhibition, etc. This committee would also host industry-mirroring events like Oscar Screening events, Industry Panels, guest speakers, etc.


Each DKA chapter provides Film Screenings, Resources, Critical Theory Discussion Circles, Panels, Industry Events, Trade Shows trips, Vendor visits, Conferences attendance, Workshops, and Seminars in the various categories within the craft and study of cinema. Categories include but are not limited to: Producing, Entry-level Production roles, Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Assistant Directing, Production Design, Music Composition, Video Game Design, Interactive Media, Animation, Theater, literature, Graphic Design, Drawing/Storyboarding, Genre-Studies, Script and Concept Pitching, Auditioning, Casting, etc.

Screenwriters' Circle provides DKA members a weekly opportunity to study the craft of screenwriter through activities, script analysis, and workshopping screenplays.


Each DKA chapter has a committee that encourages and provides opportunities for members to produce their own content, get hands-on practice, and productively gain experience by hosting contests, festivals, cinema exercises, that allow members to work on making short films, music videos, commercials, trailers, stop-motion animations, documentaries, other forms of animation, visual effects, video game production, music production. The committee organizes a Bulletin Board of student artists available in various positions. These events encourage members to explore new areas of their craft and find their artistic voice, practice complimentary positions (have cinematographers serve as editors, directors serve as actors, etc.), and give members who don’t quite know what they want to specialize in the opportunity to try out new positions.

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