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Every semester the entire chapter takes part in the Building Artists of Character (BAC) Retreat, which focuses on strengthening collaboration, engagement, internal communication, operations, alignment, values, and community at the chapter level.

Members participate in curriculum to build awareness and appreciation for the purposes and values of DKA, while examining the individual role of each member in relation to the success and future of the chapter.

Other fellowship events hosted throughout the semester include picnics in Boston Common, movie screenings at Coolidge Corner, afternoons at the Museum of Fine Arts, and more.


Interchapter Relations allows for fraternal bonding outside of our BU community. Last semester we had a picnic in Boston Common with the Emerson Chapter and got to know them better. This upcoming semester includes very exciting plans for a party with both chapters, where more relationships can be fostered.


It's important to reach outside of our circle of film friends and get to know what it's like in other schools and social groups. So far both chapters got along great and we look forward to the students in our chapter to making new buddies and feeling like they have a much broader sense of community because of interchapter.


The Beta Chapter works to maintain fraternal bonds with Beta alumni. We invite alumni to visit chapter meetings and share their experiences in the film industry and answer important questions from active members. Currently, a mentorship program is being developed to connect alumni with active members that share the same professional interests and goals to provide 1-on-1 professional development.


If you are a Beta Chapter alumni, make sure you join the Alumni Facebook Group to stay up to date with the current happenings at Boston University's DKA chapter.

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