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  • "Do I need to be a film major to be a member of Delta Kappa Alpha?""
    No, we accept students of any and all majors with a passion for the cinematic arts. Current members of the Beta Chapter alone include physics majors, business majors, engineers, and anthropology majors. ​​
  • "What's it like to be in a professional fraternity?""
    Professional fraternities are different than the typical 'social' sorority or fraternity. We are a group of students focused on working in the same industry with similar goals, committed to helping one another achieve those goals. Becuase we are values based, we look for members who exhibit our ten 'jewels'.
  • "Does DKA haze?""
    Absolutely not. Delta Kappa Alpha holds a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for hazing. We strongly believe that new members should be excited to get to know their brothers and sisters and find the place where they belong instead of worrying about being hazed to be accepted.
  • "Is there a GPA requirement to be in DKA?""
    DKA Executive Office requires that all members hold a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for membership. DKA recognizes that not everyone is comfortable or can excel in a classroom environment and would like to open membership up to any student who thinks they can excel in Delta Kappa Alpha.
  • "What is the time requirement to be in DKA?""
    The time requirement varies from student to student and will depend on how involved in DKA each member chooses to be. Each member will be required to attend a weekly chapter meeting, and new members will be required to attend new member education meetings.
  • "What is the rush process like for DKA?""
    The rush process for Delta Kappa Alpha is a week-long process with events each night. Rushees are encouraged to attend as many events as they can the week of rush to determine if DKA is the place for them. At the end of the week, rushees may be offered a 'bid,' a formal offer of membership to join Delta Kappa Alpha.
  • "Can graduate students join DKA?""
    Yes, Delta Kappa Alpha encourages students of all levels, graduate and undergraduate, who are interested in DKA to learn more about the organization.
  • "Does DKA pay dues?" "
    Like all Fraternities, DKA does require dues. These dues allow us to function as a chapter, and as a non-profit. All of our members are required to pay dues every semester, as required by nationals.
  • "Is DKA worth the cost?" "
    DKA has a lot of benefits. We hold writing workshops, professional productions, resume title positions, and a lot of networking. If you are willing to invest your time and money into a family that will last you a lifetime, then DKA is definetly for you.


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